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I am 78 years old and have a curvature of the spine and other distortions that make walking and walking straight difficult. Yoshi step by gentle step was able to get me to walk without noticing my life time deformities. This adjustment made a huge difference to my life and livelihood. Each session with Yoshi was an enlightment both physically and spiritually  

- Francis M. X., Attorney,

I started PT for my low back pain and leg pain few years ago. Initially, I was assessed and treated for my walking pattern, posture, and balance. It took some time to resolve my old bad habit, but Yoshi sincerely treated me and given me appropriate exercises progressively. My posture and walking pattern gradually improved and with the appropriate breathing pattern my whole-body condition was in good order.

My performance in vocal music and chorus improved with Yoshi’s treatment of my head and neck position and jaw and tongue movement. I am able to sing and vocalize easier with all the treatments to restore my body function and for singing, and I was able to feel improvement in my overall heath.

During the COVID and quarantine, my blood pressure increased and my internist advised me to take medication. Yoshi taught me about nutrition and diet and exercises to lower blood pressure and my blood pressure stabilized without having to take medication.

I really appreciate Yoshi with his holistic treatment approach that I was able to restore my health and for teaching me the ways to maintain it.

- Harumi T., Chorus Singer,

Best Physical Therapist
Over the past decade I have been to many physical therapists for my chronic arthritis pain.
None compare to Yoshi Fujii. Over time my pain and range of motion improved dramatically. Yoshi gave me treatment and exercises tailored to my unique condition.
As I improved the treatment and exercises evolved to help me continue down my path.

– Anonymous, Software Developer,

I’ve been to 8 different MDs for chronic low back pain for 10+ years. also 8 physical therapists, chiropractor, acupuncture, surgeries, you name it.

Yoshi was able to diagnose and treat within the first session. I was amazed because I was used to being in pain for so long. Yoshi was also able to perform vagus nerve procedures, without needing the hospital. 1 of 35 in the world. I now understand why and look forward to learning from him every chance I get.

- C.D., MD,

I’ve worked with Dr. Yoshi since 2019. Initially, he helped me with two acute problems. I strained my back and it was some of the most intense pain I’ve ever had in my life. Taking narcotic painkillers didn’t even relieve the pain. I tried acupuncture first and it got worse. Most of the pain was gone after one session with Dr. Yoshi, and within a week, I was fine. Next, I developed an Achilles tendonitis which I thought would be straightforward, so I went to a PT near my house. I got regular treatments for about 4 months and it didn’t improve. I went to Yoshi, and I don’t know what he did, but he fixed it with one treatment

Next, we went to work on some more longstanding issues of mine. I have had 4 knee surgeries including ACL reconstructions on both sides. I wasn’t even aware of some issues with my posture and gait. Although I was functioning ok at the time, I’m thinking if these continued along, they could have caused a lot of problems including with pain and functioning. Dr. Yoshi is not a standard physical therapist that most of us are used to. He has very specialized training in multiple modalities which come together for a unique treatment experience.

- Michael C., MD,

I dislocated my left shoulder 10 years ago and I could never exert full 100% strength on my whole left arm ever since then. I have tried various treatments over the years, but it never healed and the enjoyment of playing sports and exercising the body was fading and diminishing.
After receiving Yoshi’s treatment, the symptom I was dealing with for 10 years was gone and instantaneously my strength returned. I felt the blood rushing and the circulation returning in my entire left arm as it has woken up after being dormant for 10 years. The sensation lasted for about 5 days. I have never experienced this much change in my strength output from any other treatments or massages that I received in the past. I do labor work every day and I am still maintaining the strength and improvements ever since the treatment.
This is my experience, but I felt that there is a huge potential in the treatment for people who are injured and living in a negative compensatory physical change and/or prolonging athletic career. I still distinctly remember that I was struck with admiration and that I would have liked to receive his treatment sooner.

- Kosuke M., Cameraman,

I had an operation for a ligament reconstruction in my ankle two years ago and I went to PT for 6 months post-operatively, but my ankle pain and swelling didn’t improve at all, and I had a very painful one and a half years. It was so bad that I was dragging my leg towards the end. Eventually, the joints on the other side of the foot began to hurt, and I was very anxious and depressed, thinking that it would not heal for the rest of my life. I was introduced to Dr. Fujii for treatment, but to be honest, I was skeptical from my past experience. However, I still can’t forget the day when I walked home from the clinic with no pain in my legs just after the first visit. I was really surprised and didn’t even know what had happened. After a few treatments, the chronic foot swelling subsided and now there is no pain or swelling. When I think back, I’m horrified that I would still be suffering if I hadn’t met with Dr. Fujii at that time.
Dr. Fujii’s treatment is a treatment that restores the correct balance that your body inherently has. He also teaches you exercises to readjust yourself, which is why you can maintain the good physical condition for a long time. I am very grateful to Dr. Fujii.

- Keiko S., Makeup Artist,