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Reach your optimum!

Reach your optimum!

R&I PT will pursue to help patients
reach their optimal function.

Fellowship Trained Functional Manual Therapist

There are ~300,000 licensed Physical Therapists in the United States as of 2021, and less than 1% are Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT). Of those who are certified, only 35 therapists are certified as a Fellow of Functional Manual Therapist(FFMT)(August 2021). One of the 35 therapists, Yoshi utilizes Functional Manual Therapy® (FMT) as a foundation in treating his patients.


Restore and Integrate Physical Therapy (R&I PT) provides treatments and exercises that is individualized for each patient’s needs (whether it is to be pain-free, return to sports/work activities, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and maintenance of wellbeing) to reach their optimal function and enhance their lives to the fullest. We are not interested in a treatment that pursues reaching a ‘normal’ state (as what general population consider ‘normal’ are not efficient), but we strive to help each patient reach their optimal efficiency and potential.


We are committed to treating not only the presenting symptom and taking away the pain, but also evaluating and treating the root cause of the pain and/or the secondary effect of your symptom for a complete resolution and to prevent reoccurrence.

It is a holistic approach of analyzing the whole interconnected human system’s kinetic chain. 

R&I PT does not offer “cookie-cutter” treatments that fits patients in a box. Each individual has their unique feature to their symptom that is constructed through their environment, lifestyles, traumas, cultures etc. We consider these aspects and personalize the treatments for an optimal result.
He works with a patient as a team to attain each individual’s goals.

R&I PT provides 1-hour, one-on-one sessions.

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Conditions Evaluated / Treated

Various symptoms and conditions are treated at R&I PT.


Tension headaches, migraines, dizziness/vertigo/tinnitus, TMJ dysfunction/locking/popping, sleep/airway issues, vocal cord dysfunction, facial pain


Chronic and acute neck/mid-back/low back pain, disc herniation/bulge, sciatica, radicular pain/symptoms, auto accidents/whiplash, thoracic outlet syndrome, scoliosis, postural related issues, pelvic floor dysfunction


Sports injuries, tendinitis/bursitis, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff dysfunction, frozen shoulder, shoulder subluxation/dislocation, AC joint pain/dislocation.


Repetitive stress injuries, tennis/golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tendonitis, arthritis.


Bursitis, sprain/strain, labral issues, arthritis.


Patellofemoral pain, tendonitis, sprain/train, meniscal tear, shin splints, arthritis.


Achille’s tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, sprain/strain, bunion.

Pre- and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Pre- and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Joint replacement, ligament reconstructive surgery, spinal surgery, cartilage restorative surgery/debridement, nerve decompression/release, post-surgical scar tissue management, etc.

Complex Dysfunction involving chronic pain syndrome/fibromyalgia, autonomic nervous system dysfunction and visceral (digestive) issues.

Yoshi Fujii


Yoshi founded Restore and Integrate Physical Therapy (R&I PT) after 13 years of PT experience treating variety of complex and diverse patient populations. He has experience working in various locations, including Fresno, CA, New Delhi and Mumbai, India, Steamboat Springs, CO, and Manhattan, NY. 

Yoshi is experienced in treating diverse patient population from pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, neurological, post-surgical, patients with chronic/acute pain, patients suffering from dysautonomia (insomnia, indigestion, dysmenorrhea and hormonal issues), athletes (injuries, injury prevention, and performance enhancement), and even vocalist to enhance their vocal performance.


Yoshi gave me treatment and exercises tailored to my unique condition.

– Anonymous, Software Developer

I really appreciate Yoshi with his holistic treatment approach that I was able to restore my health and for teaching me the ways to maintain it.

- Harumi T. Chorus Singer

Yoshi step by gentle step was able to get me to walk without noticing my life time deformities. This adjustment made a huge difference to my life and livelihood.

- M. X. Francis, Attorney

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